Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why Anna Kendrick Is My Hero (And Should Be Yours Too)

I take inspiration from so many women.  Maya Angelou and Sofia Coppola to Christiane Amanpour and Beyonce.  Predictable?  Maybe.  Until you add Anna Kendrick to the list.

The first time I remember seeing her was in Up in the Air in 2009.  (Sorry, I don’t do Twilight.)  She was awkwardly average and painful to watch, in the best way possible.  She was Courtney Stodden in Ann Taylor because I loved to hate her and wondered how the hell she landed the gig.  Still, she was perfect for the role, which scored her an Oscar nomination for supporting George Clooney.  Scha-wing.

Next time we caught up was in What to Expect When You’re Expecting (on On Demand, of course, because that’s what you expect AFTER you’ve expected).  She played Rosie, a less-than-normal teenage girl who never quite got over Marco after he stood her up for the prom blah, blah, blah…  Whatever.  She had movie-sex with Chace Crawford.  Schaaa-wing.

Fast forward to another blockbuster, my bio pic.  This scene stars a 3 year old screaming bloody murder from her car seat because a 5 year old ate the last Cheeto.  Thankfully, having cranky toddlers in the car is a great excuse for boogying down in the driver’s seat, which I do on the reg.  And if there’s one thing I can count on in that scenario other than a headache, it's that any Sirius XM pop station will have one of the same seven songs in rotation.  “Cups” it is, and my prayers are answered.  Then I see the artist's name scroll.  (It was Anna Kendrick.  Keep up, people.)

While safely at a stoplight, to Google I go.  Could this really be the same girl?  Let me save you the search… It’s her.  The one in End of Watch.  The one in 50/50.  And the one who earned the sacred title of 2nd youngest Tony nominee ever.

I’m clearly not a movie buff, nor a Broadway aficionado.  But I do consider myself to be somewhat of an authority on things that inspire women- and she fits the bill ridiculously well.

Anna Kendrick doesn’t share Kate Beckinsale’s looks, Heidi Klum’s legs, Kate Upton’s body, or Kim Kardashian’s je ne sais pas. (Although, strangely, she does share the initial K.)  What Anna Kendrick has is much, much more…  And frankly, the fact that she is getting big props for it gives me hope that every once in a while, life can be fair in the most beautiful way.

Good luck on Pitch Perfect 2, Anna.  I’ll be watching.