Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two Terms I Never Expected To Use Together? DIY & Toilet Paper

It's impossible to regurgitate all that I learned (and saw be regurgitated) at preschool last year.  But one important lesson made such an impact on my family (and my wallet) that I felt it was worth sharing.

Everybody poops.  Therefore, (almost) everything you need to have an incredible yet inexpensive afternoon with your children is already right there in your home.

My daughter's school prioritizes teaching the importance of conserving our resources and protecting our environment, as every classroom should.  So, how better to teach a young child about recycling than through art... and toilet paper?

After months of saving toilet paper and paper towel rolls, I was desperate to come up with a creative idea to get them the hell out of my storage closet.  Here's what we came up with:

Don't laugh... I've said many times before that I have a crafty side, and it took a lot of guts to go "public" with this.  Plus, I know many of you are wondering how I did it.  So, here goes.

  1. The above wreath used 16 toilet paper rolls, 3 paper towel rolls, one 8.5 inch paper plate, green Crayola paint, one foam paint brush and a hot glue gun. (You are on your own for the decorations...)

  2. First, paint the rolls, using two coats.  You'll notice that the adhesive left on the rolls will cause the green to appear darker or lighter in spots.  Just roll with it.

  3. Once dry, hot glue four rolls onto the plate, positioning them like the cardinal directions on a compass.  Then, glue the next four equidistant between them, like the ordinal directions. (See, Mom!! I did pay attention in school!)

  4. Next, use one toilet paper roll and 2 pieces of a paper towel roll (cut slightly smaller than a TP roll) to create a "t" shape on the top layer of the wreath.  Fill in empty spaces by cutting the left over rolls into slices approximately one inch thick, and layer as needed.

  5. We glued buttons and rhinestones onto ours to decorate it, but anything colorful will do- like stickers, painted macaroni or broken pieces of crayons.  Use a hole punch to make a hole in the plate, add a ribbon and hang.  Then, thank me for being so crafty.