Saturday, December 31, 2011

You're So Full Of...

I read my older daughter, nearly four, a story at bedtime each night and cuddle with her until she falls asleep.  This ritual can prove incredibly frustrating at times, as I have read more princess stories than the Pope has read Bible verses.  That said, at times it proves the most beautiful moment of my day- or year.

“Today was a really great day”, she said during a recent snuggle-sesh.  Her body was relaxed, her smile enormous, and her heart warm.  There was a satisfaction and fulfillment in her little voice that I rarely hear from the voice of an adult, let alone a rambunctious child.  As she fell peacefully to sleep, my mind played the moment on repeat.  The producer in me wanted to get it on tape; the mother in me knew it could not be replicated.

Of the many times my kids have gotten me to thinking about the bigger picture, this was certainly one of the most significant.

This time of year, the words “I’m so full” are spoken just frequently as the uber-generic (and now government mandated) Happy Holidays.  So full are our bellies, our mailboxes, our social calendars and our credit card bills.  At some point during the holiday season, each of us will be "so full"- but why will so few be fulfilled?

No need to read on if you are one of those looking for a quick answer to that question, as I am not.  In fact, I am believer that once you are certain you’ve found the answer, you have guaranteed that you never will.

Tonight when you make your New Year’s Resolution, keep it small enough to come just within reach, but grand enough to keep you striving.  And just every once in a while, as you partake in your bedtime ritual, remind yourself that the day could have been a great one- hopefully it was.

Happy New Year!

Christmas, December 1977