Friday, January 6, 2012

How One Casting Session Changed Me... But Not My Boobs

As the casting interview ended, those watching the applicant from behind closed doors chatted about her beauty and sweet nature.  I interrupted with the obvious question.  “Was anyone else completely distracted by her freakishly long fingers?”

Though a chuckle filled the room, even I was taken aback by my brash criticism of a woman I barely knew.  This was the moment I knew that reality television had changed me.  But for better or worse?  That was the question.

Thankfully, the game wasn’t over for the stunner blonde, who went on to be one of the final four contestants remaining on the show she was vying for.  But in some ways, it was over for me. 

I have never forgotten those freakishly long fingers, or my criticism of them.  In fact, I was reminded of them again just yesterday as I read my friend Trista Sutter’s reaction to the InTouch magazine cover suggesting she has “plans” to have a boob job and botox.

Has she thought about it?  I’m sure.  Either of us would be hard pressed to find a woman- let alone a mother- who hasn’t.  But don’t throw your scrubs on just yet.

If a plastic surgeon got his wings every time a woman considered a procedure, they’d all be angels instead.  There would be no fake boobs, and let’s face it- reality television would have a lot less sex appeal.

To have insecurities is human.  To then have them dissected and critiqued by the masses, justified or not, can amplify those issues to an entirely different level.  Unlike the person on your television screen, it isn’t pretty.

I have seen numerous people suffer the consequences of an unsavory portrayal in the media- be it a broken heart, bruised ego, or something way more significant.  Sometimes, there is gross misrepresentation.  (I have experienced this first hand.)  Others, the hurt comes more from realization of the truth than the fabrication of lies.  Either way, to endure and overcome the experience can be rewarding.  Yes, rewarding.

My career has given me many gifts… incredible adventure, good friends and cool stamps in my passport.  But one of the greatest of these gifts is the ability to see everyday people be challenged physically and emotionally in ways they never thought imaginable- and conquer… quite beautifully.

So, for better or worse?  For better, for sure.