Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Too Late To Listen To Amy Winehouse, But Listen To Momma... Go To Rehab, Justin Bieber.

As I've mentioned (hundreds of times) before, I have met Justin Bieber.  I was so in awe of him, his talent and his energy.  But what struck me most was how freaking young he is.  Put the albums, the twitter followers and the stamps in the passport aside, and he is still in his teens.  He has over a year before he can even drink legally in a bar.

There is no doubt that the last several months have taken a toll on the Biebs, his image and his "innocence".  Now being faced with the pressures of entering rehab, he is lashing out at those who have walked in the very same shoes.

Maybe he won't listen to his fans.  Clearly he has no plan to listen to Lindsay Lohan, and it is way too late to listen to Amy Winehouse.  But maybe he will listen to me...

Justin Bieber, go to rehab.

And before he gets the chance to ask, as every child does, "why?", let me tell you.

Because I am a mother... That's why.

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, and other celebrity drug debacle, here's look back at my rant (and obsession) with 911 calls including Demi Moore's, and my own!

I’ll never forget the night I dialed 911.  A fire raged in my neighbor’s garage and I stood at our fence holding a garden hose with the force of a sloppy drool.  After (seemingly) hours of waiting for firemen, the operator said I’d been on the line a mere 4 minutes.  Seconds later, I heard sirens.  Moments later...