Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why I'm Proud Of My Daughter For Embarrassing The Crap Out Of Me

We had one of the best and busiest weekends we’ve had in some time.

Friday night kicked off with a pizza party play date for the girls (and some killer apple cider sangria for the moms).

Next up was Saturday's trip to Underwood Family Farms where we picked our own fruits and vegetables and visited some really cool animals.

Then, as the mother of the youngest female boxing fan on the planet, I could not deny my 5 year old a chance to stay up late for the Mayweather/Canelo fight (which she didn’t actually watch).

And while you’d think a lazy Sunday morning was in order, you’d be wrong.  Instead we trekked up to Sunset Ranch where the girls got to meet (and ride) the newest addition to my sister’s family.

Come Sunday evening, I was exhausted, sun kissed and sore.  So when I put the girls into a hot bubble bath, I couldn’t resist joining them.  Admittedly, I’m usually in too much of a hurry to hop in the tub with them.  So this was a special occasion, for all three of us.

Bedtime stories brought upon an all too brief hibernation, interrupted by the race to get to school on time for Monday morning.  As we packed up for the day, the girls were excited to share with their classmates how they’d picked the berries and cucumber sticks in their lunchboxes right off the vine.  What a great way to start the week…

The day flew by, as they always do, and before I knew it I was chatting with my Kindergartener about her day.  “We talked about what we did on the S days”, she said.  Selfishly, I asked what she had told them, anxious to hear how she described our fun-filled weekend.  Her answer?

“I told them I took a bath with Mommy”

After all the excitement, the hustle and the bustle, it was bath-time that mattered to her most.  Looking back, though I am a tad embarrassed she told her entire classroom about it, I feel the same way.