Monday, November 11, 2013

These Parents Had An ENORMOUS Impact on Your Family (And I Bet You Have NO Idea Who They Are)

Do you know this woman?

Or this cute family?

Or this man about to give his precious daughter away?

How about this lady, who looks like the perfect neighbor...

... or this one, even if she's mid noise complaint?

Unfortunately, though, her distraught is warranted.

Same goes for this couple...

... and this one.

My guess is that none of them have done major harm more than the rest of us.  I'm sure they had high hopes, beautiful dreams and the indescribable desire to give the gift of life- and they did.  Still I wonder, if given the chance now, if they would rescind that gift from the very being to which they gave it.  Because if they could, maybe... just maybe... they could save a great many lives more than they created.

74 of them, to be exact.

These People Are:
1. Nancy Lanza, mother of Adam (Sandy Hook, 2012)
2. The Zawahri Family, parents & sisters of John (Santa Monica, 2013)
3. Sam Bishop, escorting daughter Amy Bishop Anderson (University of Alabama ,2010)
4. Susan Klebold, mother of Dylan (Columbine, 1999)
5. Cathleen Alexis, mother of Aaron (Navy Yard, 2013)
6. Arlene & Robert Holmes, parents of James Eagan (Aurora, 2012)
7. Kathy & Wayne Harris, parents of Eric (Columbine, 1999)