Thursday, March 1, 2012

(Sometimes) I Am Not Perfect

Several weeks ago I shared some concerns and assumptions regarding the uber-important process of Valentine distribution in Pre-Schools.  For example:

Don’t be too quick to assume the kid who doesn’t hand out cards has an absentee parent, or is a Jehovah’s Witness.  More than likely, the “oversight” is an intentional way of putting a vibe out that the child is “too cool”

Though not quite ready to admit that I was wrong in stating the above, (as clearly I wasn’t), based on true events, I am ready to amend this hypothesis.

As Emilia and I were making homemade cards for her classmates, she kept repeating, “I want to make Sebastian’s card”.  I was suspicious, but not alarmed.  Eventually, I made the grave mistake of asking for a bit more info.  “He’s my boyfriend”, she responded.  In that very moment, as my life flashed before me, I vowed to buy a defibrillator for my home.

A few days later, as I picked her up from school, Emilia made the rounds of goodbyes to her classmates, calling each by name.  It was the first time I saw Sebastian, who struck me as the preschool equivalent of People Magazine's “Sexiest Man Alive”.  Again, I bit my tongue, deciding to wait and see how things played out before rushing her to a convent.

Well, the big day came and went, and Emilia did not receive even a Dora sticker from Sebastian.  I’m not sure whether to credit the sugar high or the short attention span of a toddler, but Emila didn’t seem to notice.  So, I stuck with my original assumption that the George-Clooney-in-training was “too cool for school”.  Thankfully, I was wrong.

The next day, Emilia arrived home from school with a special twinkle in her eye, and an envelope in her hand.  Sebastian had been sick on Valentines Day, but made up for the absence upon his return.

(front of the card)

After I read the card, she grabbed it from my hand and gave it a sweet but simple kiss… then quickly stopped herself, shouting excitedly “I don’t want to get it wet!”

Thankfully, I was able to steal a second look to size things up (i.e. over-analyze the crap out of it).  Here's what I learned:

Sebastian didn’t sign the card himself, which was a bit of a disappointment, but let’s face it… Anyone who’s anyone in LA has an assistant.  More important, was how he wrote her name on his own, and spelled it correctly (quite a feat for any name in my household).  But of the greatest importance was the enormous smile he put on her face…

So, was I wrong?  Not really.  There are certainly times when my original thoughts still apply.  But I do need to make one significant addition.  Next Valentines Day, if your child doesn't receive a goodie from their crush, just remember... He could be holding out, saving his card for the very next moment when it will stand out a tad more- and make an even greater impression.