Friday, March 30, 2012

Yes, Women Thought George Michael Was Hot

It freaks me out to think how different the world will be for my children than it was for me.  For better or worse, here are some expressions that were so commonly heard in my childhood that will never be heard in theirs.

Mom, where are my Freezy Freakies?

Oh Shit, it’s Friday! I need to get to the bank before it closes or we won’t have any money for the weekend!

Page me.

No doy!

Who do you think shot J.R.?

Saturday Night Live is hilarious.

Do you have total phone?

George Michael is SO sexy! (spoken by a woman)

I cannot wait for Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ Tour.
    Can I borrow your Word Processor?

That bathroom is so gross it could give you AIDS.

I totally want Ross to hook up with Rachel.

 A black President?  Yeah, right.

Where’s the beef?

 Be kind.  Please Rewind.

Those Benetton ads are so offensive!

      If you are as old as I am, you know the list goes on and on... as does the time.  It is important for us to live in and embrace the present, but to cherish the past makes the journey into the future all the more worthwhile.  I look back because it enables me to look ahead.