Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Finally Love Giuliana Rancic More Than Beer Pong

Not gonna lie.  I prefer several E! News correspondents over Giuliana Rancic.  In fact, I’d rather listen to the stage security guard on the mouse that ran under the catering table than Giuliana on just about anything… other than her recent baby news.

Ever since Giuliana and Bill Rancic announced that they are having a baby via a surrogate, I can’t get enough of them.  Here’s why.

I remember the first time I worked up the nerve to use the phrase, “when we have kids someday” to my then boyfriend, now husband.  His response, “you mean IF we have kids”, concerned me such that I began brainstorming the perfect dating website username.  Then he clarified his thought.

“Children are a gift, and not everyone is lucky enough to have them”.

I was just out of college.  I was young, healthy, and could play a mean game of beer pong.  A fertility problem was the furthest thing from my mind.

Time passed.  As my drinking skills began to rust, my biological clock started to tick.  Suddenly, it was time.  Be it luck or science, I had no difficulty getting pregnant with either of my “gifts”.  Still, I had learned something.

Many of us take fertility for granted.

As teenagers (ahem, young adults) we damn our fertility, or use it as a big chance to score the upcoming season of 16 & Pregnant.

Nearer to childbearing years, fertility is something we keep in the back pocket of our favorite jeans for safekeeping.

Then one day, you’re ready.  You stretch your arm out around the curves you will never have again, and reach for the pocket- but it’s empty.

Cue Giuliana.  No designer jeans or Hot Hollywood [insert career here] could buy what she was looking for.  My heart broke for her, as it does for any woman who struggles with infertility.

But as the saying goes, “only if you have been in the deepest valley, can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain”. 

I cannot begin to imagine the pain that Giuliana & Bill have endured, but I do know how overcome with joy I became at the announcement that they, too, will know life’s greatest gift.

(PS. I just quoted Richard Nixon with regard to Giuliana Rancic.  Beat that, Oprah.)