Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Octo-Mom Gets Down & Dirty For Cheap (and I'm Happy About It)

According to Radar Online, Nadya Suleman (aka “The Octo-Mom”) spends over $500 a year on her gym membership.  This has at least a few people in an uproar, seeing as she was photographed heading to the gym yesterday- moments after filing for bankruptcy.  Me?  I’m proud of her busting a move at a measly 10 bucks a week.

First of all, she lives outside of Los Angeles, home of the world’s most extravagant gyms/beauty pageants.  While I’d like to reveal what I pay for my own gym membership, I can’t, because I don’t have one.  BUT, I know several people that pay upwards of $200 a month for theirs.  ($40/month suddenly seems like a bargain, right?)

(totally stolen from Maritza Lugo,  @Polaroid_Rage)

Secondly, I should hope that any single mother of fourteen children is doing all she can to preserve her health and well-being.  The longer those hungry, misbehaved and Nickelodeon addicted children remain their mother’s responsibility, the better… right?  (Or wrong?  I'm actually unsure about this one...)

Lastly, Suleman receives government assistance to care for her children.  Welfare helps put food on her table, and common sense suggests that she receives state benefits for medical costs.  So, shouldn’t it then be her duty to care for herself to the best of her ability?

Most importantly… anytime that she spends NOT pro-creating seems time well-spent to me.