Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How You Can Pay It Forward (Just Like Eva Longoria)

My eyesight has improved incredibly since I began this blog.  Not because I have eaten more carrots or began taking a multi-vitamin on a near daily basis, but because I am always looking for new things to be inspired by.  Here's proof.

Last week I learned it really is true that one man’s trash is another (wo)man’s fortune when I spotted this to-do list on the sidewalk.  I snatched it up, with the hope that proof of another’s procrastination would put me at ease about my own.  Instead, the result was a heartwarming reminder that not every "to-do" should be a chore.

Then a few days ago we wrapped production on NBC’s upcoming dating series “Ready For Love”.  After having spent nearly 1,500 hours with the (typically) wonderful ladies dating the (always) incredible Ben Patton, I wanted to leave them with something other than a few airline miles, a hang over and (for all but one) a broken heart.

I decided on "The Giving Keys", one of a kind key necklaces created by the homeless as a means of getting them off the street.  But like any good reality television show, there is a twist.  Each piece has a word of inspiration engraved in it.  At some point, you are encouraged to give the key away to someone in need of the word on your key… to pay it forward.

Whether touching or foul smelling, each and every one of us has had an experience with the homeless that we cannot forget.  While living in Boston many years ago, I loved to stroll Newbury Street to my favorite ice cream shop.  I still remember the night I made a really bad call on a new milkshake flavor and on my walk back home, after hardly a sip, I offered it to the homeless man I’d see nightly.

“I don’t take leftovers”, he said.

Embarrassed and dumbfounded as I was, I still recall the moment often.  It serves as a reminder to me that no matter what our predicament, our challenges or our resume, it is important to hold onto our pride.  This organization helps.

So as we wrapped on "Ready For Love", I gave each of the girls a key necklace engraved with the word “LOVE”.  Even our Executive Producer, Eva Longoria, rocked hers from the moment I gave it to her.

I can’t share the photos just yet, as our cast has not been announced, but I can certainly share the story of The Giving Keys, and hope that you pay it forward as well.

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