Monday, September 24, 2012

Lessons I Wish Someone Bestowed Upon The Cast of Teen Mom at Least 9 Months Ago

A good percentage of my college years were spent wondering if anything I was learning would actually be applicable in my career.  More than a decade (and a half) post graduation, I am still waiting to find the connection.

What is far simpler to find, though, is the commonality between lessons I learned (while wasted) in college and discoveries in parenting.  Ironically, they are also tidbits someone should have bestowed upon the entire cast of Teen Mom a minimum of 9 months ago. For example...

Nothing good happens between the hours of 3-5am.

Going into the library won’t give you the plague.

Whether of tequila or medication, shots are gonna hurt.

The greatest dance parties are girls only.

Employ the buddy system.

Sometimes the simplest words can be the hardest to say.

Always disco nap.

Believe it or not, there will come a time when gaining 15 pounds in 6 months is a good thing.

Read something for pleasure at least once a day.

The last bottle you pound solo should be as a toddler.

Cup O’Noodles, significantly tastier than Top Ramen, are underrated culinary perfection.

Oh, and whether it's because class is back in session or Mom is headed back to work, Mondays will always suck.  So take a time out, remember your college days, and let me know what I missed.