Monday, September 17, 2012

My Beloved Emmy (and Oscar)

I will not win an Emmy on Sunday, nor did I win an Emmy during the Creative Arts Ceremony held on Saturday.  In fact, I am not nominated to win an Emmy this Sunday, nor was I nominated to win on Saturday- which as the presentation for those that do more of the hard work, is likely where I would have won if I could have.

Still, the weekend got me to thinking as to what I would do with an Emmy if I won one.  I began to envision places I would keep it in my home, and anticipated it could be a highly functional tchotchke.

I ran right out to purchase one, but failed at that as well.  So, I bought an Oscar instead, and put him right to work as...

A Spare TP Holder

A Banana Hanger

A Hipster Garden Gnome

An Accessory Display 

Part of a Killer E.T. Reenactment

A Butt Holder

And A Shoe Horn

Clearly the opportunities are endless, but I had yet to determine it's best use.  Then Jimmy Kimmel came to me in a dream...

It's really difficult to pin down the exact monetary value of an Emmy (or Oscar for Catsitter of the Year).  That said, I am sure I could find some idiot to pay a bunch of money for it on eBay.  Then I would take that money and put it to good use in my Operation Christmas Child project, described here:

Congrats to all the Winners!