Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Would Do Anything For Five Minutes Alone With Farrah Abraham And A Big Bucket Of Hot Wax

Some people were meant to procreate.  Clearly I am one of them.

But even a princess is entitled to a bad day now and again.

Family Flu Fest 2013
So, did I panic and schedule her the next available Brazilian Blow Out, spray tan and wardrobe fix?  Not at all.  I hugged her and told her for the millionth time that she is the most beautiful thing on the planet- which is exactly what Farrah Abraham needs to tell her 3 year old daughter, Sophia.

Abraham recently took to her blog to detail the trials and tribulations of waxing her toddler's unibrow.  Yes, I'll hold while you read that line again.

Wax. Her. Toddler.

Now, if you've been for a wax, you know it is hardly a pleasant experience.  Still, whether for you, your significant other, or your significant ego, you made a (hopefully) conscious decision to do so, which I hope was worth the discomfort.  Rock on.

But what if you were forced to do so...  Forced to change the way you look...  Forced to endure pain...  Forced to feel inadequate...  Forced to have your innocence literally stripped away...  By the very person who should love you and every hair on your body unconditionally?  You would be confused.

Imagine how little Sophia feels.