Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Big Fat Issue With Fat And "Diet Mom" Dara-Lynn Weiss

I've grown both as woman and a writer in the year since the birth of this blog.  No longer an infant, Dirty Laundry and Dirty Diapers is now the third toddler I am quite proud of.  More of you are reading (and returning) than ever before, and I am ridiculously grateful for that.

Still, if you want complete honesty, you have failed me a time or two.  There are a handful of posts that haven't earned the stellar readership their siblings have.  Now I know someone has gotta be the black sheep, but I will always do my due diligence to help my brood.  So for the next few weeks, I am taking advantage of Throwback Thursdays, and re-sharing some of my older, most beloved (but seemingly under-appreciated) posts.

Male or female, young or old, straight or gay, single, spouse or slut, we all think about body image.  And I have thought about it even more recently, with news of Dara-Lynn Weiss speaking out months after being ostracized for writing about the diet woes of her overweight daughter, age 7, in Vogue last spring.

While so much of this entire event is disturbing, (like putting your young daughter's private issue on blast in one of the most circulated magazines in the world), it is an important reminder of the issues with body image that are crippling our society.  I opened up about my own big "fat" issue back in December 2011.  Maybe you weren't a reader at the time or maybe you were too busy watching the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, but whatever the excuse, you likely missed this:

I was the fat one.

Of the 3 children in my family, I was the chubbiest.  Of my best girl friends in high school, I was the heaviest.  Of all my college roommates, I was the one that could never borrow a dress for a formal.  And of all the women in the DMV when I got my first California license, I was the one that lied (the most) about my weight..