Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm Ready To Love Giuliana (& I Finally Let Someone Put ME In The Hot Seat)

I am biting my tongue, and it's not because I used the word cl*t in a recent post.

A few weeks ago, I admitted here that "I prefer several E! News correspondents over Giuliana Rancic.  In fact, I’d rather listen to the stage security guard on the mouse that ran under the catering table than Giuliana on just about anything… other than her recent baby news".  Shortly after, I was offered (and jumped at) the opportunity to work with Giuliana & Bill on their upcoming NBC reality show, "Ready For Love".

Since shooting began, I have been nothing but impressed with them. They are talented, dedicated and hard-working professionals, sincere with and compassionate toward both talent and crew.

With cast, Bill shares anecdotes from his time on the first season of The Apprentice, while Giuliana compliments their beauty and their shoes (like these incredible Alejandra G's):

Most importantly, they both radiate when celebrating the anticipation of their baby boy.

In my career, as in my personal life, I continue to learn many valuable lessons.  Still, whether right or wrong, I will fight 'till the death for what I believe.  Sometimes it backfires, and I am left wishing I had conceded sooner.

I am learning that the two worlds often go hand-in-hand.  For more on how, please read this interview with Candace Anderson (@CandaceRose).  

P.S. It's the very first time I let someone put me in the hot seat!