Monday, June 4, 2012

Move Over, Barack Obama! Make Room for Gadget the Beagle

I’ve been up and over Laurel Canyon so many times that I can tell when the Goldbergs (Bermans, Liebermans or Kleins) finally update their groovy 1970’s wood paneling.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the same skill set for George Clooney’s home, but I do know he lives in the ‘hood.

A few weeks ago, Clooney hosted a fundraiser at his home to support Obama 2012.  I know this not only because it was all over the news, but also because Laurel Canyon was covered with banners addressed to the Prez, and traffic was even more of a bitch than usual.

But move over, Barack Obama, because Gadget the Beagle is in town.  Here’s how I know.

Over the weekend a neighbor came by to inquire about a loose Beagle.  I hadn’t seen the pup, but promised sincerely to keep an eye out.  The next day there was a visit from someone new, looking for the same dog.  When asked if he was the owner, the man replied “I’m just a volunteer”.  (I repeat: a volunteer)

As it turns out, Gadget the Beagle was recently rescued from a medical testing laboratory.  Still timid and adjusting to life outside the lab, the anxious pooch was able to escape the (hopefully) watchful eye of his dog sitter, and hasn’t been seen since.

(among his many talents, Gadget is quite photogenic & speaks Español)
Late last night, I saw a Prius cruising the neighborhood (albeit in an environmentally friendly way) decorated with info about poor missing Gadget.  Thankfully, word has really gotten out.  For each sign previously mentioning Obama 2012, there are 10 new ones featuring Gadget.  A large reward was been put up for his safe return.

Still, I can’t help but wonder how much more closely people have read notifications regarding Gadget’s disappearance than that of the latest Amber Alert.  Honestly, really think about that for a second...  (I’ll wait for you.)

Whether it’s his smile, his story of survival or the sweet ransom paid for his safe return, this Beagle has become the hottest thing (near) Hollywood.

I certainly hope that he and all those who have lost their way find a way back home.