Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thank You for Sharing My Words with the World!

I've always loved to write.  My mother says that when changing my childhood bedsheets, she'd find scraps of paper scribbled with poems and stories crumbled at my feet.  From those experiences, in the 3rd grade came a "book" that I wrote and illustrated.  Page turner that it was, "Floating Hearts & Stars" won a statewide contest for young writers.  At 18, the book was a cherished treasure that I sent with my Dad when we buried him.  Years later, I still make notes at my bedside, although I now text them to myself.  "Dirty Laundry & Dirty Diapers" is a continuation of that story.

My life is a busy one.  Between my family, my career and the hobbies that I'm passionate about, there's little time left to reflect upon all I have become, and all that has been given to me.  Writing helps me to put this all in perspective, and it is an honor to share it with you.

With such diversity in the world, there is one relationship we all share: that of a Father and Child.  For my thoughts on this topic that I hold closest to my heart, please enjoy "A Father By Any Other Name: Is It Really The Same?".  I am so thankful to for sharing my words with the world.