Monday, October 8, 2012

My Big One

“The Big One” means different things to different people.

Many think of this…

 Others think of this…

A select few think of this…

(From Tim Burton's incredible film "Big Fish")
Whatever the image to accompany it, “the big one” has taken on totally new meaning for me in the last few weeks.

I consider myself a pretty active preschool parent.  I have visited my daughter’s classroom several times to read one of her favorite books aloud, and we took the outfits for spirit week more seriously than most.

But there is one assignment that I just can’t seem to tackle.

Here in Southern California, we need to pack an “Earthquake Kit” for our children.  The contents vary per school, but guarantee to include some version of a flashlight, spare chonies and a peanut butter inspired product without the nuts.

Our new school asks that with a family photo we include a note of encouragement for our child.  I have the bag packed, labeled and ready to go… minus the note.  Every time I try to write it, my hand freezes up.  And let’s be honest.  I am rarely without words.

I told my sister, “I’m gonna keep it short and sweet.  Like, ‘We love you and will all be together soon’.  Right?”  She disagreed, understandably, and encouraged me to do more.  But how?

How do you communicate the words to your child that you know could be your last, and how do you not?