Thursday, October 4, 2012

Team Nicki or Team Mariah? I Could Decide, If They Were Both Bald

Here’s the debate I am most concerned about… Are you Team Nicki or Team Mariah?

I have watched every season of American Idol.  I've placed calls to vote for Ruben Studdard, Blake Lewis and Phillip Phillips.  Believe me... The American Idol franchise and I have had our ups and downs.  We’ve even had a disaster, but I have no idea what our future holds.

I liked Simon, mourned the loss of Ellen, vowed never to let my young daughters near Steven Tyler and (literally) fell in love with J. Lo.  But Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey??!!

I am undecided.  This is partly because there is too little information available at this early point in the season, and party because both of the women in question have fabulous hair.  Yes, that's right.  I said 'have fabulous hair'.

My husband recently said that he feels a bald spot coming on.  I suggested that he's crazy, and even if he isn't, he is lucky to be tall enough that it would barely be noticeable.  The conversation did get me thinking, though, about how we judge people based upon their hair- or lack there of.  According to the silver screen, bald men fall into one of two categories…. major bad ass or total loser.

What if this guy…

… challenged this dude?

Or if he…

… challenged him?

Or, heaven forbid, he…

… challenged this guy?

Guarantee you've already picked a winner for each match.

I guess this is one aspect of physical appearance in which women have it easier than the men (unless, of course, you are among the small percentage of women experiencing female baldness).

Lucky for Mariah and Nicki, they both have amazing hair (weaves/wigs/whatevs).  Therefore, I can’t prejudge the judges.  I need to wait until the big premiere.

That said, if they were both bald, my money would be on her:

Oh, sh*t!  Wrong show....