Friday, October 12, 2012

My Girls Hangin' with Zoey Deschanel & Mindy Kaling (Sort Of)

I love HelloGiggles for so many reasons, and this is definitely one of them:

I'm not gonna lie.  Seeing my daughter's curly fros on the same webpage as Zoey Deschanel & Mindy Kaling was quite a thrill for me.  Here is a preview of my post that they included on their site last weekend, and a link to get to all the goods.
I’m pretty sure you peaked at age three. Eating, sleeping, playing and making it to the potty on time were your only goals, which you completed on your own schedule. You didn’t care how much you weighed, how hip your wardrobe was or how much money you had in the bank. Everything was new, beautiful and (remotely) innocent. At the risk of being a tad controversial, I’ll go so far as to say that you learned your greatest lesson in the very same year. That is, of course, if three is the age you were first introduced to the classic children’s story “The Little Engine That Could”.
I first heard the tale as a toddler, but was reminded of it in the 3rd grade. Shockingly, this had little to do with scoring my first Benetton rugby and training bra combo...

Love it so far, huh?  Click here to read (like & share!) the full post.